Misc. FAQs Page

Every time I go to the Internet a box comes up and I have to press connect. Is there any way that I can stop this?
You are clicking connect on the Dial up box. On the same dialogue box, put a check in the Connect Automatically check box.

Someone emailed me and said that I have a virus! They said it is the HAPPY99? What is this and what can I do to get rid of it?
The Happy 99 virus sits on your computer causing a duplicate e-mail containing the virus to be sent with every e-mail you send. You must have received two emails together with the same subject line, that when opened, displayed fireworks instead of text. Do not send any emails until you have cleaned your system. This is a virus that has been around for quite awhile now so any updated virus software should take care of it effectively.

I have test software that I downloaded from the Internet. Now my system doesn't work properly! My connection wont' go through or my browser acts funny. Why?
Unfortunately beta software is called BETA because it is still in test form usually still containing bugs and problems that can create all types of repercussions on your system. We can not make any recommendations, as we do not support Beta Software or issues resulting from it.

Is it possible to have Infoserve stop any adult content being downloaded from the net to our computer or does something have to be added to our computer from this end? If so, what do I have to do?
You need to install a software intended for this purpose. You could ask the store where you purchased your computer if they can make a recommendation or do a search on the web.

How do I check how much time I have spent online for my membership?
On our website, Click on the My Accounts globe. Click on your dial up number and your personal status screen will be displayed.

Many times during my Internet connection, I get the error "This program has performed an illegal operation". What causes this?
If you are only seeing this error in your browser, then you will need to reinstall your browser software. The software has been corrupted or a file that the program needs to run properly is missing.