Sep 13, 2003 - Access web based email and account status

Getting your email is much easier with our web based email access. Just enter in your browser or click on Web Mail on our home page. You can continue to use Outlook Express, Eudora, or other POP3 email programs if you prefer. We have updated the link to the My Account page. You can now check the status of your account, as well as edit your contact information (name and address, phone number, etc). Additionally, you can change your dial-up access password. Please note that only your dial-up password will be changed. Your email password can only be changed by calling our office (604-288-1087). You can check your dial-up history and usage from the same screen. For ADSL customers you can check your data usage, please apply for a Login permission first on the Members service screen.

Aug 20, 2003 New address and enhanced services!

We have moved to a new location. Along with the move we have extended our support hours to 7 days/week, 9:00am to 9:00pm weekdays, and 10:00am to 6:00pm weekends. Click on "Contact" for details.

In addition to more support hours we now offer web based email access. You can access your email with any browser. Just go to, enter you email id and password to read your mail.

Additional features available on webmased email service. You can forward your email to another email address. You can set it to send back a "on vacation" response to anyone send you email while you are away on vacation. You will find other features on web based email once you logged on the server. Please note that with web based email ALL your messages remain on our mail servers, they don't get downloaded onto your computer. Make sure you delete messages you no longer need otherwise your mail box will get filled up and won't receive any new messages.

For peace of mind Internet access, our anti-virus software pre-scan your incoming emails and removed virus infected messages from your mailbox. Our anti-spamming filter block off up to 80% of junk mails heading to your mailbox. There is no extra charges for these new features. It is our way of saying "thank you" for supporting Infoserve.

July 28, 2000 - New ADSL and Web Hosting Services!

It's here! Infoserve now offers high speed ADSL Internet Services for home and business use. We use Dual OC-3 fiberoptic link for super fast access speed.

Let Infoserve host your business web site and you can get ADSL for your home for $19.50/month!

Our new bundled web design and hosting services starts at $338.00. You pay $338.00 once and never pay another dime for hosting again. See our SERVICES section for more details.

June 26, 2000 - Infoserve's 8th Anniversary coming up!

Time flies! Infoserve's 8th Anniversary is coming up very soon, and we will be introducing new and exciting services shortly - ADSL packages for
both residential and business will be available as well as fantastic web page packages for business. More details available very soon.

Apr 28, 2000 - Exciting new membership packages

At Infoserve we are always looking at ways to offer better services to our members. We are pleased to announce two new membership packages
effective on May 01, 2000. We firmly believe these are the best packages available in the Vancouver area. Best package + Best User to Modem
ratio = Best online value. Click HERE for more details.

Mar 30, 2000 - FREE membership in now available!

WWW.CANADAREWARDS.COM - An Internet portal built for the consumers in Greater Vancouver area is now accepting new (free) members.
Once you become a member you will be eligible to win many monthly prizes as well as access to valuable consumer information and tips. Click HERE
for more details.

Mar 18, 2000 - World Premiere! is finally here. An Internet portal built for the consumers in Greater Vancouver area. Click HERE for more details.

Mar 08, 2000 - Who wants to share MILLIONS of dollars?

Mark this date on your calendar, March 18, 2000 is the official launch date of a new portal on the Internet. Not just any portal but the only one of it's
kind in the world. Click HERE for more details.

Feb 28, 2000 - Web surfing set to enter a new dimension

We are very close to launching a new and exciting world class Internet portal right here in Vancouver. Watch for our announcement on the official
launch date.

Dec 31, 1999 - New services for the new millennium!

Happy New Year to all our customers! Infoserve will be offering exciting new services that is guaranteed to make your surfing a truly rewarding
experience. Watch for our announcement here. You don't want to miss it!