Browser FAQs Page

I can connect to the Internet. I see the dial up box come up and verifying user id and password but when I try to put in an address on the address bar or go to a link nothing happens.
You probably have more than one TCP/IP or Dial up adapter installed in your network or the TCP/IP is configured incorrectly. See Connection Problems.

I can't get to any web site. I get the message that the server doesn't have a DNS entry. The original name server address and my ip address is entered correctly.
You have a IP address specified in your Network settings. See Connection Problems.

Everytime I go into Internet Explorer I get a message that the page can not be displayed!
If yo did not see a connection box come up first, check in your Dial Up networking to make sure that you have an icon for Infoserve. Also see My Netscape.........Can not find

When I open Netscape it tells me that Netscape is unable to locate the server Please check the server and try again.
See above. Also see My Netscape.........Can not find

My Netscape tells me that it can not find!
Your browser may be set to never connect or connect using a LAN connection in the Internet Properties. Double click on My Computer, double click on Control Panel, double Click on Internet or Internet Properties. Click on the Connection tab. Make sure that your settings are set to connect using a modem and that Infoserve is set as the default Dial Up Networking connection.

I keep getting the message: Can not find
You have misspelled the site address.

I am an Infoserve customer but every time I connect I get AOL. I canceled my account with them already and have taken all their software off my computer and don't even have a connection icon for them! How can I still be connecting with them?
AOL is set as your home page. This page can be set to any address you want. See the item below to change the page displayed when you open your browser.

I want my home page to show Infoserve. How do I change it?
If you are using Internet Explorer: Click on Tools then Internet Options. The first screen that comes up is the General screen. In the address line, type in and press apply and then OK. If you are using Netscape: Click on Edit then Preferences. Under the Categories heading on the left hand side of the screen, click on Navigator. On the right hand side of the screen, on the Home Page section, type in in the line and click OK.