Connection FAQs Page

I was browsing on the internet and then I was cut off and now evertime I try to connect I get an error saying "Invalid username or password. I know I am typing in my user and password correctly but I can't get connected!
Your account is probably out of time. If you have used up your allocated time , you will be cut off for the remainder of the day. As of the next day and until your renewal date, you will only have 15 minutes of logon time per day for email access.

Everytime I try to connect I get a screen that says: error 678, "The computer you are dialing in to is not answering. Try again later".
This message usually indicates that you are dialing into the wrong phone number. Double Click on My Computer, then on Dial Up Networking. You should see your icon for Infoserve in there. Right Click on the icon and retype in the phone number. This is the number that you dial to connect with us. Make sure that the check mark has been taken out of the Dial Using: option.

Everytime I try to connect I get invalid user name or password. I am typing it in correctly.
If you are certain that you are not out of time, someone else may be using the connection. If you allow multiple people to use your connection, only one person can log on at a time. If you have a concern that someone else is using your connection without your authority, contact us immediately to change your password!

It takes at least a minute from when I press connect to get verified and get online!
The properties in your Dial Up Networking icon for Infoserve are not set up for optimized connection. See Speed up the dialing process in Win 95/98.

Everytime my phone rings I get kicked off the internet. Is there something that I can do to stop this?
You need to disable your call waiting. Double Click on My Computer , then on Dial Up Networking. Double Click on the icon for Infoserve and Click on Dial Properties . Put a check mark in the box to the left of This location has call waiting. To disable it, dial:. Click on the arrow to the right of the box and choose 70#, (seventy, pound, comma).Click OK.

When I try to connect with Internet Explorer, I get a message saying that no connection to the Internet is currently available.
Your browser may be set to never connect or to use a LAN connection in the Internet Properties. Double click on My Computer, double click on Control Panel, double click on the Internet or Internet Properties icon.Click on the connection tab. Make sure that your settings are set to connect using a modem and that Infoserve is set as the default dial up connection

When I dial to Infoserve from NT Workstation 4.0, I get errors #629 , #5, or #6.
This message is usually generated when you have typed something in the Domain box in the log on screen. This field should be blank as you are not connecting to an NT network or server.

Does Infoserve have equipment/programs/etc. that will auto disconnect the subscriber? If so, after how long and why?
Our system dows have a fifteen minute timeout feature to save the customer from paying for "unintentional use". Your computer will be disconnected if no activity is detected on the connection for 15 minutes.

The box that you usually check for save password is greyed out and won't keep the word I type in so evertime I connect I have to type in my password manually. Can you do something about this?

We can't do anything on our end as the problem is local to your computer software. Uninstalling Dial Up Networking through Windows setup and reinstalling it has been known to help with this problem but only works 50 percent of the time as the problem is usually due to a bug or corrupt information in the Windows password file.