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Some tips and FAQ's on dial-up connection:

-Speed up the connection process

-Poor connection speed?

-Can't go to any websites?

How to setup your email address:

-Microsoft Outlook Express

-Microsoft Outlook



FAQ's on Common Errors

-Modem Problems?

-Connection Problems?

-Email Problems?

-Browser Problems?

-Misc. FAQs on common errors...

General technical setup information:

Incoming mail server type: POP3

POP3 or Incoming mail server:

SMTP or Outgoing mail server:

NNTP or news server:

Primary DNS IP address:

Second DNS IP address:

Infoserve home site:

Web based email access site:

Contact Technical Support

Our technical support staff is available to help you via telephone, fax, or email:

Telephone: 604-288-1087

Fax: 604-279-5510


Technical Support:
Please provide the following information when you contact us for technical help:
Your name and Username.
Description of the problem(s) -
The name of the software giving you problem(s), ie, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.
How often it happens.
Were you able to establish a good dial-up connection to us?
Were you able to use other features of the interet while you are having these problems?
When leaving us voice messages please provide a phone number and when is a good time to return your call.

Speed up the dialing process in Win95/98

The default settings in some versions of Win95/98 are most for Internet connections. You may want to check your setting by following the instructions below:

Double click on the "My Computer" icon, then double-click on "Dial-up Networking"

Move the mouse pointer to the Infoserve icon or whatever icon you use to connect to Infoserve and click on the "right" mouse button, select "Properties" and click the "left" mouse button.

Click on "Server types" and make sure the followings are unchecked:

"Log on to network"


"IPX/SPX Compatible"

Click on "TCP/IP Settings"

Make sure there is a black dot next to "Server assigned IP address"

Make sure there is a black dot next to "Server assigned name server address"

Click "OK" and then Click "OK" again to save the settings.

This will reduce the time it takes to make a connection to us.

Connection Problems


  • Get disconnected frequently
  • Have problems connecting or get connected at low speed, not always not often.
  • Access speed gets very slow or even stopped sometimes.

These are symptoms of "windows" or "software" modems. Windows modems are just like regular modems except some of the work the modem has to do is implemented in software running inside your PC instead of computer chips in the modem. Regular modems offer more reliable and efficient operation than "windows" modems. Modem makers make "windows" modems to save cost. If you own one of these modems, you may want to visit for more details about windows modem. Installing the latest modem driver usually help, but may not always cure the problem. If you happen to have a noisy phone line and know how to force your modem to connect in V.34 mode (max connection speed 33.6k) you may want to try that, it will connect at slower speed but more reliable.

Can't get anywhere on the Net?


  • No problem making the connection to Infoserve
  • Cannot send or receive mail
  • Cannot go to any web sites

These are symptoms of incorrect settings inside your Network Configuration (Win 95/98). Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel. Double click on the Network icon and check the following network settings (If you connect through a LAN or Network card, consult instructions that come with your network card for proper settings):

    • Make sure you only have one Dial-Up Adapter, delete any extras
    • Make sure you only have one TCP/IP - Dial-Up Adapter, delete any extras
    • Double click on the remaining TCP/IP entry, you may get a warning message, just click OK to continue.
  • Click on IP Address and make sure Obtain an IP address automatically is checked
  • Click on DNS Configuration and make sure Disable DNS is checked
  • Click on WINS Configuration and make sure Disable WINS Resolution is checked
  • Click on OK to get back to the Network screen
  • Click on OK to save the new settings
  • You may have to restart your PC to use the new settings

Instructions on setting up your Internet email address in your email software:

Microsoft Outlook Express Setup

1) Run up Outlook Express. It may start up the setup wizard the first time you run it up. In that case just follow the on screen prompts to configure your email settings.

2) If no setup wizard shows up, click on TOOLS and then ACCOUNTS.

3) Click on ADD and select MAIL and follow the screen prompts:

  • DISPLAY NAME enter your name here
  • EMAIL ADDRESS enter your email address, i.e.,
  • My incoming Mail Server is a POP3 server
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Put a dot next to Log on using...
  • POP account name i.e., johndoe
  • Password enter your password here (case sensitive)
  • Internet Mail Account Name: For reference only, you may want to enter "Infoserve mail"
  • Put a dot next to Connect using my phone line
  • Put a dot next to Use existing Dial Up Connection and select Infoserve from the option list

Microsoft Outlook Setup Info

1) Start up Microsoft Outlook.

2) Click on TOOLS, then SERVICES.

3) Double click on INTERNET MAIL

4) For Internet Mail Server, enter:

5) For Email Address, enter your email address: i.e.,

6) For Password, enter the password assigned to you.


8) Forward all outbound email to mail server, enter:

9) Click on OK

10) Click on APPLY, then OK.

Netscape Setup Info

For Netscape 2.0 or 3.0 you should do the following:

1) Run up Netscape.

2) Click on "Options/Mail and News preferences..."

  • Click on the "Servers" tab
  • Enter "" for outgoing mail (SMTP) server
  • Enter "" for incoming mail (POP) server
  • Enter your email id (without for POP user name
  • Enter "" for news (NNTP) server
  • Click on the "Identity" tab
  • Enter your real name for "Your name"
  • Enter your email id (i.e., for "Your email"
  • Click on "OK" to save the settings.

If you use Netscape 4.0 or higher, do the following:

1) Run up Netscape.

2) Click on Edit/Preferences. Click on the different Catagories and fill in the info as follows: Netscape Navigator starts with:

  • Choose the "Homepage" option and type in

Mail & Groups


  • Your name: Enter your name here
  • E-mail address: i.e.,
  • Reply to address: leave this blank

Mail Server

  • Mail server username: i.e., johndoe
  • Outgoing SMTP mail server:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Mail server type: choose POP3

Groups Server

  • Discussion group (news) server: port (119)

Eudora Setup Info

If you are setting up Eudora Light or Eudora Pro for the first time, you will be automatically brought to the Options screen. Once you have started up Eudora, you can get to the Options screen by clicking on Tools then Options. The Options screen consists of several categories along the left side of the screen. You will need to fill in at least the POP Account, SMTP and E-mail Address to be able to send and receive mail. The rest fo the categories contain personal preferences.

  • POP Account: Email your email id. (i.e.,
  • Real name: Enter your name
  • Return address: leave blank
  • Dial-up username: leave blank
  • SMTP:
  • Ph: leave blank
  • Finger: leave blank