E-mail FAQs Page

When I log into our e-mail account at Infoserve, a yellow triangle with a ! in it shows up at the bottom of Outlook Express. When double clicked it reads: "There was a problem logging onto your mail server. Your password was rejected....". To read our mail, I then have to click Send and Receive, which again prompts me for the password!
This error usually means that you either have typed in the wrong password in your e-mail software account or you are not capitalizing a letter. PLEASE NOTE: The e-mail software is case sensitive.

I have tried to download e-mail several times today. On the 3rd message, your server stops responding and I can neither download the 3rd message nor the remaining messages. I can send messages but not receive them.
The 3rd message has probably been corrupted or is too large for your e-mail software to handle. Until the 3rd message is downloaded all the remaining messages will "queue" up behind it. E-mail, or call our office and we can delete the contents in your mail box.

I've been sent an e-mail which has a HUGE attachment which I know I'll not be able to read. I've spent about 20 minutes trying to download it already and finally gave up! Is there some way that you can delete this for me?
Due to confidentiality and privacy issues, we can delete the entire contents of the mailbox, but can not remove individual messages.

I am going on holiday and want to access my e-mail from Chile. I wish to know what URL I should use to download my e-mail.
You can access your e-mail through a web based e-mail system such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Canada.com. If you have an existing Hotmail or Yahoo account, you simply need to click on the "Pop Mail" button and enter mail.infoserve.net as the pop server name and your user name and Password with Infoserve. As long as you have Internet access, you will be able to log onto Hotmail or Yahoo to access your Infoserve e-mail. There are many cyber cafes and libraries offering Internet access.

I was interested in picking up my Infoserve e-mail from work occasionally, so I set up Outlook Express at work and was able to receive mail but not send it. WHY?
In this case, you are probably using an Internet connection other than Infoserve to dial in. Infoserve, like most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) , have implemented anti-relay filters to prevent people from SPAMMING. Most "Spammers" find unprotected mail servers to mass e-mail their messages- i.e. they sign on with their own ISP and then use someone else's mail server to send out the junk mail. That way, they can send SPAM without contravening their own ISP's spam regulations.

I am able to send messages but when I check for e-mails, I get the following message: The host "pop3" could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account "pop3" server "pop3" protocol "pop3" port 110 secure (ssl) no socket error 1101 error number 0x800CCC0D"
The error indicates that the server name and user name is pop3 in your software. It looks as if your e-mail software has not been setup with your Infoserve information. If your information's was entered but you have downloaded a new version of your email software, you need to reenter your count information again as the previous settings have been overwritten.See Instructions on setting up your Internet email address in your email software.

I opened my Outlook Express but nothing happened. How do I read my mail?
If your Outlook Express software opened to the Outbox screen without displaying a connection box, your software is not setup to connect automatically. Click on tools, then send and receive on the menu bar and your connection screen should come up and any awaiting mail will be downloaded to your computer. If you double clicked on the Outlook Express icon and the Outlook Express software doesn't open at all, it could be that the software is no longer on your computer or is corrupted. The icon remains but there is no software connected to it. You will need to reinstall the Outlook Express software.

I want to change the "from line" in my e-mail from "L&B BBBB" to "Mrs. B". How do I do this?
If you are using Outlook Express: Click on Tools, then Accounts. Click on the mail tab and then highlight the account that you see displayed for Infoserve and press the properties button on the right. On the General screen type in however you want your name to appear on the "name line".
If you are using Microsoft Outlook: Click on Tools, then Services. Double click on Internet E-mail. Type in however you want your name to appear.
If you are using Netscape: Click on Edit, then Preferences. Click on the +(plus) sign to the left of Mail and Newsgroups. Click on Identity and type in however you want your name to appear on the "Your Name" line on the right hand screen.