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I've been dumped 5 times in 20 minutes! What's going on?

See Connection Problems.

Why when I connect with my modem it says I am connecting at 36400 but when I download a program or whatever, it says it is running at 310000 to 48000. I have a 56K modem.
56K modems are a bit of a misnomer since they are not able to connect at 56K. The highest speed allowed is 53K under ideal circumstances (Which is rare). Most real life "56K" connections are in the mid 40s. 56K modems have two speeds. A send speed and a receive speed. The send speed will never be higher than 33.6K and 26.4 is normally seen. The receive speed is the one that will go into the 40-50K range. Your modem is probably reporting back the send speed only. For more information on 56K technology, visit

I got an error message saying " Could not detect modem. It may be in use, turned off, or not installed properly" when I tried to connect.
The most common reason for this error is that you either already have a connection established or you have fax software installed that is set to automatically start up and it is already using the same port that the modem is trying to use for the connection. Turn off the fax software and reboot your computer and try to connect again.

I keep getting "no dial tone" when I try to connect!
There are a few reasons for this error: a) The cable from the modem to the wall is not tight. b) you may have messages in your "voice mail" on your phone line c) If you use a splitter that connects both your phone and modem into the same jack, the splitter itself may be damaged or loose d) The modem jack in the back of the computer may be in the "phone" jack instead of the "line" jack.

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