ADSL Availability and Sign Up

Where is this amazingly fast, reliable and unshared Infoserve High Speed Internet ADSL Service available?

Due to the technical nature of high speed Internet access, Infoserve ADSL availability depends on a number of factors:

  1. City, town or major centre you live in. Infoserve ADSL Internet Service is only available in certain cities and towns, which are determined by demand for the service, upgraded networks, and available facilities.
  2. A "Wire Centre" or "Central Office" must exist in the area you live in. Infoserve ADSL Internet Service is available in specific telephone serving areas called "Wire Centres" or "Central Offices".
  3. Distance from the "Wire Centre". ADSL modem technology requires you to be within a 4 Km radius from the "Wire Centre".
  4. Type of telephone live you have. Infoserve ADSL Internet Service may not be available to every home in a wire centre where ADSL is available. Your phone line must be serviced by Telus, not Centrex and not through a PBX.

If you are interested in joining Infoserve's ADSL service, please click on "Sign-Up" on the bottom of this page and fill in the required info.

If your address is within our serving area, and potentially eligible for service, we will perform a location check for your address. If ADSL is available in your address, we will send you a sign up form or you can drop by our Office. Once we have a completed and signed Service Agreement, we will check out the type of telephone line you have before arranging for an installation.

The actual installation date depends on availability of ADSL ports in your immediate telephone wire centre. If there are ports available, installation will usually take place in about 2 weeks.